#cleanbum Wiring Kit for Defender

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Upgrade your rear wiring connection points to eliminate the rats nest and create an easily testable and expandable interface for all the critical rear wiring applications.

 The Basic Kit Includes:

  • Marine Grade, 8 Circuit 30A Terminal Block
  • Marine Grade, 10 Circuit 30A Terminal Block
  • 2 x Terminal Block Jumpers
  • Locking Spade Terminal Ends
  • Black & Red Heat Shrink Tubes
  • M4 Securing hardware set (4pcs)
  • Installation instructions 

The Complete Kit includes:

  • All items in the basic kit
  • Ratcheting Terminal Crimper tool

Rear Power Kit includes:

  • All items in the basic kit
  • Powerlet Low profile power socket
  • Powerlet Low profile power plug