Allisport VNT Turbocharger Upgrade Kits

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Direct Replacement Variable Vane or VNT Turbo for the Land Rover Tdi engined Defender and Discovery.

Standard, fixed geometry turbo design is always a compromise. Engines need a small turbo for fast spool-up and improved throttle response (reduced turbo-lag) but the small compressor size does not allow enough flow for anything beyond mid-range revs. So a larger turbo is required for mid-range and higher revs and increased flow, but this leads to increased lag at the low end.

The VNT VGT or VVT – Variable Vane Turbochargers act like a small turbo initially then the altered geometry of the impeller component increases the flow at higher revs, giving an improved spread of power across the full range.

Our VVT units use a special actuator operated by boost pressure to control the vane angle.  Turbo upgrades are designed to be a direct replacement for the original requiring no mods or strange plumbing.

Power is improved throughout the rev range but particularly in the lower and mid-range revs.  Turbo lag is reduced, and compliments other tuning such as the uprated intercooler, and increased fueling.

We strongly recommend an uprated intercooler is installed prior to fitting an uprated turbo.Please note that you must change the oil and filter when fitting a new turbo.

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* Please note that all "Special Order" AlliSport items are hand built, thus most products will have have a lead time up to 50+ weeks.  If you need items sooner, please check the "Quick Ship/In Stock" inventory or contact us to identify what items we have inbound from the supplier.