Expedition Espresso Kit

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Expedition Espresso Kit

Are you ready to make quality espresso on the go to take your morning coffee routine up a notch?  We have put together a sweet little kit to get you jumping with real espresso at camp or on the trail.  All you need is a hot water source (use your own camp stove & kettle) some fresh coffee beans, and a cup - our kit has everything else you need to get a nice cup of espresso or add milk and make your own Lattes, cappuccino, or mocha.  We are talking about the real thing here, not just a strong coffee like from a mokka pot or Aeropress; the manual extraction through the Flair press ensures a robust pressure extracted cup of espresso every time.

We start with the Flair Neo for consistent and easy extraction, include a nicely 
weighted stainless steel tamper, and a precision
grinder from VSSL to complete the kit.  The NEO includes a drip tray, funnel, and multi-use scoop.  The only thing we don't send you with this kit is a handful of good whole-coffee beans in the roast of your choice, boiling water, and a cup.

The entire set nestles nicely into one side of a FrontRunner FlatPack with room for a stove and fuel on the other side, or carry the grinder and espresso machine separately for an even smaller storage footprint



For extended travels we offer a NEO survival kit to ensure the you have critical spare parts in case your barista manages to loose a screen or forgets the filter screen back at camp...  The NEO survival kit comes packed in a metal storage tin and contains a complete set of replacement O-rings, a spare stainless steel screen, and a three pack of pressure regulators.  The storage tin has room to carry your NEO tools and even toss in a couple of emergency sugar packets for good measure!