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DNW Custom Shop Project Services

Project Labor, Services, and Storage Rates

Shop Reservation is for up to half-day (4hrs), single-space project and installation work during business hours, Specify Date and AM or PM time slot for Shop Reservation - Includes 20Min of Service/Training Support Time.

Project Services Base Rate for in-house repair, maintenance, restoration, and DIFM Project work is billed in 20Min Blocks ($199 Hourly Rate)

Specialty and Contracted Services Base Rate include, paint services, electrical services, machine shop services, and custom solutions / fabrication services - Billed in 20Min Blocks ($199 Hourly Rate)

Project Evaluation Services Base Rate for Travel or Phone Consultation are billed in 30Min Blocks ($100 Hourly Rate) - additional travel expenses for transportation, mileage, tolls, parking, and per-diem may apply for long distance vehicle transport or remote location work.

Project Vehicle Storage Rate fees for on-site outdoor storage are billed at $33.00 per day, vehicle owner is responsible for holding an active insurance policy on their vehicle.  

Administrative and Project Proposal Rate for Paperwork/Admin, proposals, and advisory services is billed in 20Min Blocks ($150 Hourly Rate)

Receiving customer shipped item Rate from an alternate retailer (items not ordered through Defenders Northwest) $50 per box, crate received with a $100 minimum.

Project Retainer Annual Service fee for client inclusion into project Calendar Queue, non-refundable, required for Major Project Booking, Evaluation, and Off-Site support.  Service Retainer is valid for 365-days from date of purchase

Baseline Inspection Report an 85 point general inspection report with advisory regarding condition, suggested services, and condition notes

Services available include but are not limited to:

  • Accessory and upgrade installation
  • Mechanical Diagnosis, Repair, Maintenance, Upgrades
  • Electrical Fault Finding, Repair, Maintenance, Installations
  • Paint and body repair and restoration
  • Use specific project solutions, design, and custom parts fabrication 
  • Major Restoration Services - Chassis, Bulkhead, Refurbishment
  • Body/cabin restoration / configuration conversions
  • Tdi and Rover V8 Engine restoration - repair - replacement
  • Vehicle Consignment selling services


Vehicle listing services - Our consignment program is designed to keep us impartial and works to get significant exposure to the vehicle while being transparent to the buyer and seller. 

Vehicle listing services includes photography, 90 day listing on www.defendersnorthwest.com, linked post on social media platforms (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Etc) Vehicle demo/test drive showings (for up to 30 days) are included for 30 days (and outside storage at the shop) additional showing services with parking can be purchased monthly based on expected frequency of showing. (Either unlimited or 6 showings per month)

When the listing results in a buyer, the flat rate selling service fee is due prior to collection of the vehicle. Our buyers know that we are open and upfront about the condition and services and as a result are much more comfortable buying from us than from a private party.

Additional services are billed at cost plus service charges to cover CC fees and time (listing on our Ebay account, or other selling site listing services)

ALL Project/Labor rates are NOT inclusive of Materials & Supplies