O.A.T.S Trials Event Team Registration Packet

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OATS Trials Events Team Registration Reservation

SUMMER  2024 (Dates TBA )

Plan to spend all day and maybe all night working through a series of challenges that test your ability to research, plan, and execute a perfect miniature overlanding trip. Bring a friend, or the family (if you dare) and be ready for anything. We start at dawn and you will be moving until Sunset or possibly the following Sunrise – so bring your caffeine and sports drinks!

Registration packet includes the following items:

  • OATS Trials Date confirmation
  • OATS Trials Packet retrieval information (Pickup date, available timeframe, and location)
  • OATS Trials Suggested Self Guided Tour Packet available for pickup at designated time and place only
  • OATS Trials IG account access code
  • OATS Trials Camp reservation if you make it to camp before the cut off time...

Run what you have, and prepare yourself.

Purchase of this item will reserve your team space in the event - space is limited and available on a first confirmed basis.  When we are full the event registration will be closed.  Once your reservation is confirmed you will receive a series of weekly emails with details. NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED.  No refunds, no exchanges, no questions (you won't get any answers)

Select Driver for the team leader, and add passengers as needed, if you have an open seat you may find yourself transporting a photographer, course marshal, or other stranger (don't worry, most of them are harmless and only look scary)


Legalease to follow:

  • Participants are required to register to be eligible to participate in the OATS Trials
  • Participants are required to reserve a team space at $400 per Team Primary Driver
  • Participants are required to carry web-enabled cell phone during the event
  • Participants are required to have a team consisting of a minimum of two licensed drivers
  • Participants are required to complete an acceptance of risk waiver
  • Participants are required to have current registration, insurance, and a valid driving license if operating a vehicle
  • Participants vehicle is required to be road legal, have operating lights, wipers, and sufficient ground clearance for moderate to poor condition forest roads, and weather conditions
  • Participants are required to carry in their vehicle a self sufficiency kit to include1-gallon of water per person, a fire extinguisher, flashlight, first aid kit, and climate appropriate clothing and camping equipment for one night in all weather conditions
  • Participants are required to have a mostly good attitude and be generally considered “fun to be around, or at least tolerable for a day or so”
  • Participants are required to expect the unexpected, and revel in it
  • Participants should expect to drive in excess of 400 miles on varying road conditions
  • Participants should expect laughter and possibly crying
  • Participants should expect that they may not complete optional challenges within the allotted time frame and could find themselves overnighting in another part of the word, and you may ask yourself “how did I get here…”