300Tdi Complete with LT230/R380

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Remanufactured 300Tdi with conversion/installation kit to include:

R380 Transmission, LT230 1:4 Defender Transfer Box, Transmission Brake, Front & Rear Propshaft (specify D90, D110, D130), Clutch kit, flywheel, Bell Housing, Bell Housing Adaptor, Turbo, Intake and Exhaust, hoses, and piping, lift pump, vacuum pump, injector pump, injectors, timing kit, fan with clutch, radiator, intercooler, engine mounting, transmission mounting, exhaust pipes, and other misc hardware and mounting brackets to complete the installation.  Additional items required are chassis mounts for the engine, crossmember for the transmission/transfer box, and electrical components.  Please contact us for installation quotes on your 1984 or later Land Rover Defender.