Autohome Roof Top Tent Accessories

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Autohome Roof Top Tent Accessories for the AirTop and Maggiolina tents models. 

Tent Awning

The framework is constructed from round anodized aluminum poles- AIRTEX® tissue.

Easy and quick to set up, it creates a shaded area for cooking, dining and relaxing, or – most importantly - as a shelter from the rain.

Wing Awnings 

Entrance protection for additional shelter in case of rain. Simple, easy to use and much appreciated by customers. Made of Airtex fabric with windproof structure, aluminum and steel, space saving.

The framework is constructed from round anodized aluminum poles. Textile: AIRTEX®

Changing Room

 The framework is constructed from round anodized aluminum poles- AIRTEX® tissue.

A changing room is now available for the Maggiolina and Air Top models. 

Completely enclosed with door on front side, and zip open window at rear side–and available in FOUR different heights to suit your vehicle–measuring from the top of the roof rack cross bars to the ground.

Standard - h 155 /170 cm

4x4 1 - h 171/ 185 cm

4x4 2 - h 186/200 cm (Special Order)

4x4 3 - h201/220 cm (Special Order)


AirTop Winter Hood 

The Winter Hood is an impervious membrane that, when fitted on the tent, will form an insulating double wall with a highly reflective outer camping in cold weather.

Grand Tour Fit Kit

Spare Crank

The Maggiolina tents are opened and closed using a crank handle that fits a spud on the rear passenger side of the tent. There are two versions of crank handles—standard (for all Maggiolinas except the Extreme) and the Extreme crank handle. All Maggiolinas have the same spud size, what varies is ONLY the length (throw) of the crank handle.

You may find it prudent to carry a spare crank handle, as they can be mislaid if the owner/operator does not take care to stow it in a known, safe place.

Standard Crank Handle R/01—for all Maggiolinas except the Extreme

Extreme Crank Handle R/02—With a longer throw for the Maggiolina Extreme


Rubber Stopper for Crank Spud Hole

When traveling, the crank spud hole of the Maggiolina is covered by a rubber stopper with a dart to secure it while the crank is in use. The rubber stopper can be lost, so we carry spares in stock.

Fits: Maggiolina Airland
Maggiolina Grand Tour
Maggiolina Carbon Fiber
Maggiolina Extreme


Ground Feet  

Four strong feet allows you to place Maggiolina on the floor if desired. Measuring 25 cm high a safe distance from floor humidity, water, insects, stones etc. 
Foldable and clutter free they can be installed in any desired position. Useful in camping sites or residential areas which prohibit the entry of vehicles during the night.