Chassis - Hot Dip Galvanized New Chassis

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Chassis - Galvanized New Chassis, Defender or Series Chassis available made to order

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Crating for shipment within the USA or local pickup options are available - pricing options are reflective of shipping destination type (residential delivery assumes residential route without forklift or loading dock) - Contact us for shipping quotes to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico.

 Chassis are made to order and delivery times vary depending backlog, season, shipping schedules.  Expect 5-25 weeks for order delivery.  Email us for requests on quick-ship and in-stock chassis availability and freight quotes.


  • A replacement chassis and bulkhead are the most structurally integral components of your Land Rover. All Shielder products are manufactured to meet UK and EU engineering standards and have been subjected to the most stringent of tests.

    Each product is covered by an Insurance Approved Certificate of Conformity. The result is peace of mind to you, knowing your Land Rover is restored using the highest quality components.

* See our USED Chassis for savings when available