Defender 110/130 - 1/2-Door Style Middle Row Conversion Kit

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Second row one piece doors (the door tops and bottoms are joined) and will fit Defender 110 and 130 models 1983-2016

The parts in this kit are:

  • Pair Of Doors Fully Glazed
  • RH & LH Anti Burst Handles
  • RH & LH Strikers For Handles
  • 2 x Door Top Latches
  • 3 Barrel Lock And Key Set

These are steel framed doors with aluminum skins that will bolt-in without modification the door or vehicle.

Benefits of converting to series doors:

  • Simpler as there is no winding window mechanism
  • Less prone to water retention and rot
  • Lift handles are off-road friendly as they do not protrude out of the door
  • More elbow room inside the cabin
The quality of these doors is not perfect and can sometimes require fettling to get them to fit well - no returns are accepted