Defender 110 - 36L Onboard Water Tank by Front Runner

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Defender 110 - 36L Onboard Water Tank

Potable water tank comes with mounting bracket and hose kit
Mounts underneath your Land Rover Defender 110
Capacity: 36l (9.5gal)
Made from food grade polyethylene and BPA free

Materials used:  BPA-free polyethylene
Dimensions (mm):  Slanted from 560W to 370W x 320H x 315L

The WTLD002 is a FrontRunner kit for Defender 110 Tdci body and crossmember.

The WLTD001 is a FrontRunner kit for Defnder 110 TDI, TD5, and other non-NAS configured vehicles.  This kit is discontinued.

The Defenders NW non-Puma kit is a WTLD002 Front Runner tank and hose kit modified to fit all pre-Tdci Defender 110 - Tdi, Td5, V8, Td, and Naturally aspirated trucks.  This kit replaces the WTLD001 kit.

Note that Safety Device roll cage lower rear supports as found on the NAS 110 will interfere with this kit and are not compatible.