FTC3905, Propshaft, Rear, Defender 110, 300tdi, V8

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FTC3905, Propshaft, Rear, Defender 110, 300tdi

Note the TFWA1050 TerraFirma is a wide-angle Proposhaft for Rear of 110 from 1990 to 2002 for the LT230/R380 V8 or 300tdi as a direct replacement for the FTC3905

Wide angle propshafts are recommended for vehicles fitted with +2" lifts and long travel suspension where on full axle drop out the original propshaft yoke will bind up straining the joints and ultimately locking the shaft solid which in extreme cases can literally tear the shaft in half.
A 32 degree yoke and joint will accommodate typical long travel suspension set ups on Land Rover based chassis using up to 11” travel shocks.