Kit, Transmission Oil Cooler, R380

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Kit, Transmission Oil Cooler, R380

When a late Defender was sold in ROW spec the R380 gearbox was fitted with an oil cooler.  In the Defender it”s just a steel pipe that goes forward to the rad, then loops back to the box.  The EU spec was not fitted with a transmission oil cooler at all.

Without doubt the R380 gets warm when working hard, especially in some of the hotter parts of the world.  This heat will have an effect on the lubricants and thus the life of the transmission.

Note : the oil take off block fits fine on the 300 TDi and the TD5 but may foul the seatbox on earlier vehicles requiring the seatbox to be trimmed to clear.

Note the adaptor block does not have a thermostatic valve.

Kit include : 13 row Cooler, 2 x R08 90 deg elbows, 5m x pushfit hose 2 x straight pushfit tails 2 x male/male adapters 2 x Dowty washers 1 x adapter casting 2 x O rings 3 x bolts BZP plated 3 x washers BZP plated - The cooler size is 33 x 13 x 5 cm.

We do not supply a mounting bracket for the cooler so this will need to be made locally. The cooler should ideally be located in front of the engine radiator where it will get optimum air flow.