Milled Aluminum Defender Front Grille

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This is a replacement front grille for a Land Rover Defender, and is a stout 3/16” thick solid CNC milled aluminum, featuring 5/8” diameter octagonal beveled vent holes for plenty of airflow (and in the octagonal design to complement the Wingtop Vent hole style). The top 3” of the grill is form-rolled to exactly match the curvature of the Defender grille surround, and powdercoated black for a durable finish.

Two versions are available, select from the "in-cabin bonnet pull" (i.e. the cable running from the footwell to the front of the vehicle) versus "manual bonnet latch-release" (the lever that is at the front of the vehicle and allows you to manually open the bonnet)

PLEASE NOTE: Several optional badge mounts are available for the front grille as extra add-ons for an additional charge