DNW Custom Shop Project Services & Storage

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Project Labor Reservations, Services, and Storage Rate

Shop reservation is for half-day, single-space project and installation work during business hours, Specify Date and AM or PM time slot for Shop Reservation - Includes 40Min of Service/Training Time.

Base Rate for custom services, restoration, and DIFM Project work is billed in 20Min Blocks ($120 Hourly Rate)

Base Contracted Services and Specialty Services rate include, paint services, electrical services, machine shop services, and custom solutions / fabrication services - Billed in 30Min Block ($120 Hourly Rate)

Base Rate for Project Evaluation and Travel is billed in 20Min Blocks ($90 Hourly Rate) - additional travel expenses for transportation, mileage, tolls, parking, and per-diem may apply.

Base Rate for Paperwork/Admin, proposals, and advisory services is billed in 20Min Blocks ($90 Hourly Rate)

ALL Project/Labor rates are NOT inclusive of Materials & Supplies