Scheel-Mann Defender Seats - Standard Configuration

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Scheel-Mann Defender Seats have a tip-open access feature.  After removing a retaining pin, the seat-base can be folded upwards approx. 90 deg providing access to the seat-box battery or tool compartment.

Quick ship ScheelMann Defender seats are available in two seat shapes and two colors.  The Sportline and  Traveler seats offer different  levels of lateral support.  The Traveler being the most forgiving with low bolsters, and the Sportline having the largest bolsters for more support.

The Sportline LR was especially designed for the Land Rover Defender.  The headrest is similar to the original headrest of the Defender TdCI (Puma)  Our stocked seats are in the original durable Land Rover fabric LR02 of a fine reproduction of the classic 5-bar chequerplate pattern in gray with black leatherette bolsters.

Each in stock seat has already been built with Integrated Heat in the back and seat cushion, 4-way lumbar support, map net pocket on back of seat.


The seats are pre-configured with mounting bosses under the side material so that optional arm-rests can be purchased and installed at any time.

Like all variants of the Traveler, the LRD Edition backrest has large side bolsters to give you the support you need in the corners without being so big as to cause fatigue on bumpy roads. The 'F' model as specified for the LRD Edition utilize a seat base design with lower side bolsters, making getting in and out of tall vehicles much easier and allowing you to remain planted without feeling pinched.

The defining feature on the LRD Edition is the lift up seat cushion, providing access to the factory battery and tool box. Additionally the seat bracket design creates additional storage on top of the seat box for quick access to things like jumper cables, roadside emergency kits, or a strong box for valuables.

The backrest has a release mechanism that allows the seat back to hinge forward for better access behind the seat. LRD Edition seats are typically built with only one backrest release handle on the inboard side to accommodate tight clearance on the B pillar.







DNW Scheel-Mann Standard Configuration seat are built to order from stocked materials with an average lead time 5-7 days.  Seats are handed (sided) and sold singly.


Alternate fabrics and colors are available as Special-Order with a 12-24 week lead time.