Scheel-Mann Quick Ship Defender Seats

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Quick Ship Seat Configurations

Scheel-Mann Defender Seats have a tip-open access feature.  After removing a retaining pin, the seat-base can be folded upwards approx. 90 deg providing access to the seat-box compartment.

All scheel-mann car seats are manufactured in Germany, using exceptional workmanship and high quality materials.  Defenders Northwest Scheel-Mann Seat Kits come ready to install with a hardware kit, and Scheel-Mann Defender Sliding/Tipping base rail kits.  We maintain a rolling stock of the Quick Ship configurations available for shipment within 1-6 weeks from our warehouse, special order fabric/colorways are available with a 10-12 week lead time.

The Sportline LR was especially designed for the Land Rover Defender.  The headrest is similar to the original headrest of the Defender Td4.  Our stocked seats are in the durable original Land Rover fabric LR02. Since the driver and passenger seats on the Defender are closely to the door, the unlocking of the backrest is only inwards on the Sportline LR model.