STC1736N, Engine, Stripped, 300Tdi

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STC1736N, Engine, Stripped, 300Tdi

Stripped engine, less Ancillary equipment, Fully remanufactured

After dismantling, all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. We use cabinet washing machines for chemical cleaning to clean components after dismantling and more importantly after machining and prior to painting.

A bead blasting machine is used for components that require more intense cleaning than the cabinet washers can provide. Such as corroded engine covers, carbonised cylinder heads etc.  At this stage, any damaged or scrap components can be rejected. Cleaned parts such as cylinder blocks and crankshafts are subject to non-destructive testing processes (crack and pressure test). Parts such as gaskets, core plugs, pistons, seals, bearings etc have been disposed of by this stage.

Blocks are then CNC machined, this is the most accurate process available.  Some 30 programs are contained within the memory of the machining center.  Covering all metal cutting operations associated with cylinder bores, liners, cylinder head, block face, conrod and rocker bushes.  Accurate measurement of finished work is vital for the reliability of the re-manufactured engine, and all vital measuring equipment used for final inspection is regularly calibrated in accordance with ISO 9001.

Offset grinding is performed on the crankshaft, this is the preferred method and is the  same process as used in original manufacture; producing the best accuracy and surface finishes.  After boring, cylinders require honing to size to provide the correct running clearances specified by the piston manufacturers. 

Line honing of cylinder block main bearing housings is then done. This process covers the often ignored area of main bearing size, roundness and alignment, ensuring the life expectancy and smooth running of a new engine.

During remanufacture the cylinder block has undergone the following processes: clean, crack test, fit new core plugs, inspect threads, pressure test. Fit new camshaft bearings and line ream. Line hone main bearing housings. Rebore/reline /hone cylinders, skim deck of block. Wash, flush oil galleries and paint.

Fully equipped to produce cylinder heads, heads are counter bored for valve seat inserts, three angled valve seats and valve guide reaming.  Valve seating is checked with Engineers Blue to ensure a perfect seal and rechecked with a vacuum test to ensure reliable compression will be achieved.

Build to order item, please contact for delivery schedule (1-6 weeks) - USA shipping is included in the sales price - Core charge of $500 is included in purchase price

WARRANTY - All engines are supplied with a 12 months unlimited mileage written warranty (details on request), fitting gaskets. (gaskets not supplied with 200TDI/TD5)


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