STC309, Engine, Stripped 200Tdi

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STC309, Engine, Stripped 200Tdi Block

Does not include ancillaries, assembled head & block only - Intended as replacement for like item using existing or replacement ancillary components.  

See STC308 for complete engine kits and assembled units

Please Note: With the increased age and low production numbers of the 200tdi, core charges continue to increase - often requiring two or more cores to make one good remanufactured engine. As such we are closely working with suppliers to keep track of the market in order to offer the best value possible, pricing will fluctuate due to market demands and availability. Core Charge is included in pricing - a return credit is available for good condition cores returned in like condition with crates and lifting rings attached. Core return requires an RA# and core shipping or delivery is the responsibility of the customer.



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