FrontRunner Under Rack Storage Slides

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The Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack is unique among roof racks in that gear can be mounted and stored underneath the rack. We supply the rack, you supply the imagination.  
  • The ​under rack storage slide was designed for the Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table, but can be used with the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack to store any flat objects.
  • Slides come with the hardware needed to lock any Front Runner Stainless Steel Table in place under the rack.
  • These slides have been redesigned so that they can be mounted parallel to the slats as well as accross the slats.
  • Stowing a table away in a vehicle or on a roof rack has been awkward at best. Now there’s no excuse not to have the convenience of a table when you travel.​


Product dimensions: 
W 76mm (3") x L 876mm (34.5") x 38mm (1.5") 
Lined slide tray: W 38mm (1.5")