2017 End of Summer Bash - It's not camping, it's an evening all'aperto

2017 End of Summer Bash - It's not camping, it's an evening all'aperto

2017 End of Summer Bash - It's not camping, it's an evening all'aperto

Every year we host an "End of Summer" cookout and open house get-together at the shop.  This year we decided to celebrate an amazing summer (of endless blue skies and warm days) with something a little more opulent than our regular burgers and dogs affair.  Thanks to our friends at Northwest Overland Society and FishGirl Seafoods, we we able to put together an outstanding weekend overnight at the beach.  With a morning of coffee and doughnuts thanks to our buddies at Griots Garage we filled the event to capacity and per our normal operations at the designated time and place all those who checked in were provided coordinates and a meeting time for the next leg of the event.  How you got to the next stage was up to you and your team to figure out!


Despite a few scattered rains on the westward drive to the coast the weather held for the day and we were able to conduct a few sand driving clinics - including a trench (we dug) exercise simulating a washed out river bank exit.  All the attendees participated, families and friends, some driving off-pavement for the first time, and some old pros. 


After an afternoon playing in the sand we adjourned to a camp area, setup the tents, and lit the fire.  As always there was an abundance of sharing during happy hour - and dinner preparations began in earnest.  

This evening however our guests were in for an exceptional treat; Frank and Claudia from Fishgirl Seafoods prepared an exceptional meal for 30 of us from the back of our Defender 130.  

While we often gush about food in private, there was no shortage of "you have to try this" and "amazing" conversations rolling around camp.  

There is something fantastic about the combination of good friends, good foods, a day playing outside, and the crackling of a well fed campfire to chase the chill away. One by one the campers headed off to bed and before long the wildlife stirred in the woods making up the windbreak around our camp.  

Thank  you again to all who participated, our customers, NWOL friends, Tsodal Family, NWOL miscreants, our staff and helpers, and of course the fine folks at FishGirl. 


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