Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide

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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide

An expedition can be a half day exploring a hill track near home, two weeks off-road in Turkey or the Pyrenees, a major journey in Africa, or a development, aid or research project in a remote area. The demands are similar.

Work or pure adventure, every expedition needs planning, selection, training and reliability as its ethos. To forty years’ expeditioning experience has been added a cumulative five years’ concentrated research to produce and later revise this book – shipping, equipment, clothing, fuels, oil, communications, vehicles, driver training and navigation are dealt with, distilled and summarised.

The 2013 third edition of VDEG was a major update, The fourth edition, further updated and considerably expanded, was enhanced by contributions from Jonathan Hanson - widely experienced traveller, establishing editor of the US Overland Journal.  
The current 5th edition released in late 2021.

The book is still only a guide; a snapshot of the ever-changing, ascending technology and spiral of ideas that ignite overland travel. The final arbiter for your expedition plans will be you.