Defenders Northwest Supports Northwest Overland Society

Defenders Northwest Supports Northwest Overland Society

    As a key part of our operating principals, Defenders Northwest is committed to supporting the local Land Rover, off-road, and overland communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We are proud to announce our participation as a Vendor Sponsor of the Northwest Overland Society.  The Northwest Overland Society is an active local group of enthusiasts promoting environmentally responsible, vehicle-dependent back-country exploration and 4x4 adventure travel in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia).


About the Northwest Overland Society


The Northwest Overland website was originally formed in February of 2006 as a regional website for Land Rover owners.  By 2007 it was renamed the "Northwest Overland Society" and opened up to any make/model of vehicle or dual sport motorcycle.  The commonality amongst our members isn't their vehicle but rather a strong interest in vehicle dependent primitive back-country camping and 4x4 travel.  We now have members that drive Land Rovers, Mercedes G-wagens, Pinzgauers, Unimogs, Toyota Land Cruisers, Jeep Rubicon's, Sportsmobile Vans, VW Synchro Vanagons and other makes/models suitable for sustained Overland Travel.  If you drive a capable, well maintained offroad vehicle. enjoy primitive back-country 4x4 exploration, and subscribe to the Tread Lightly principles then you will be warmly welcomed.


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