Tree Lighting Event - December 16th 2017

Tree Lighting Event - December 16th 2017

With darkness settling-in around 5pm, we are hosting a happy hour and a "tree lighting" session 5pm-7pm on Saturday December 16th with the technical lighting team from Vision X. They will give us a short training on lighting (lumens, candlepower, Lux?, and application of light, draw, circuits, etc) Literally lighting up the trees with some of the nicest off-road lighting available!

Food & drinks (adult & otherwise) are provided, the event is free to all, and we would love for people to bring a new toy donation that we can stick under the tree and provide to Toys for Tots.

The event is family friendly for all ages, and will likely end up in a local Gig Harbor brewery if people wish to stay later.

There will be at least a few gifts given, some unbelievable deals on a new lighting, and probably at least one tall tale spun by the fire. All vehicles and owners are welcome!

Egg-Nog is not provided – because it’s nasty stuff made from elf mucus- but feel free to bring your own…! RSVP on as soon as possible please so we can get a head count, and we are looking forward to catching up with everyone for the holidays!


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