O.A.T.S Round Table 2023-2024

O.A.T.S Round Table 2023-2024

O.A.T.S Round Table

Come share, learn, and meet

O.A.T.S. Open discussion sessions are free to attend and are setup to encourage active discussion around skills that make up the backbone of vehicle dependent travel.

Monthly panel discussions kick-off April 29th (10:30am-11:30am) with an easy to join format.  We bring in an topic expert and an experienced hobbyist to bookend the discussion panel.  With moderator to keep the group on topic we navigate our way through shared problems, best practices, and creative solutions.  Family friendly and open to drivers of all makes and models the Overland Adventure Training Series culminates in an adventure to test your knowledge and skills in the OATS Trials Event.

OATS training topics cover a wide range of proactive and reactive planning - from how to survive when things go wrong, to how to share your travels when things go right.  Bring your questions, your experience, your curiosity, and your friends and family.


Supported by the fine folks at Cars & Coffee Gig Harbor and Hypertrash Magazine



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