Battery Wiring Update Kits

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Defenders Northwest crafted battery management kits for automatic charging and manual switching.

Available in Single Battery or Dual Battery configurations:

The Single Battery Kit is perfect to add a full switchable power circuit to your battery compartment for storage, security, or wiring auxillary components like a winch or lights.

The streamlined Dual Battery Kit allows for secondary battery circuit installation providing emergency starting redundancy, power interrupt for security and safety, automatic charging of both circuits, and the ability to run a house circuit and vehicle operation circuit separately or combined.

We also offer an add-on fused auxiliary power kit to allow for safe and easily accessed power distribution for lower draw circuits like lighting, accessory charging, seat heater kits, navigation systems, pumps, and refrigeration power.

All components are Marine Grade and were selected for their functionality and flexible mounting options to minimize the need for additional holes while being nearly invisible once installed.

Please specify in the order notes the engine type and drive side where the kit will be installed. 


Dual Battery Kit components include:

  • Automatic Voltage Sensing Dual Circuit Combination Relay
  • Automatic Voltage Sensing Relay Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Dual Circuit Switch with removable key/handle, (Off, On/On, Combined)
  • Dual Circuit Switch Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Military Battery Terminals (4-Pcs)
  • Military Battery Terminal Covers (4-Pcs)
  • 2-Gauge Marine Grade Flexible Battery Wiring (4-pcs)
  • 2-Gauge Grounding Wire
  • 2-Gauge Copper terminal for Ground Service
  • 2-Gauge Copper terminal for Starter Connection Service
  • Sensor Circuit Wiring
  • Installation Instructions

Single Battery Kit components include:

  • Single Circuit Switch with removable key/handle
  • Military Battery Terminals
  • 2-Gauge Positive Power Wire
  • Installation Instructions

Auxiliary Circuit Kit components include:

  • 6 circuit fused power distribution panel
  • Wiring to power the panel
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional items required for installation:

  • Hole Saw for flush mount installation
  • Secondary (House) battery for dual battery kit
  • Terminal Covers recommended