Autohome Roof-Tents

During their 58 years in the industry AutoHome has pioneered many new ideas, methods, and materials that have set standards for performance—from arctic conditions to the heat of sub-Saharan Africa, in the high mountains and steppes of Asia, and from the Andes to Arizona to Alaska. This experience translates directly to the best designs using superior materials—designs that are often copied, but not equaled.


Delivery Information

All Autohome Tents are available with one of four delivery options:

  • Will-Call pricing for Autohome tents is for pickup at the Autohome USA warehouse in Santa Cruz California, and does not include unboxing or installation assistance; please contact us for pickup details.
  • Tent pickup at Defenders Northwest Gig Harbor retail location includes up to 1-hour of installation assistance.  Pricing includes crating, freight, receiving, insurance, and disposal of shipping crate & packaging materials
  • Direct Shipping to a commercial address requires a forklift or loading dock -  pricing includes crating for domestic shipping, freight, & insurance
  • Direct Shipping to a Residential address is (Residential routes home delivery include lift-gate service charge) -  pricing includes crating for domestic shipping, freight, & insurance
Please contact us directly for export and international shipping rates

Installation Information:  

  1. Standard Mounting Kit - included with every Autohome tent the standard kit will mount a tent to 1" round or square crossbars spaced between 30" and 40" such as the Yakima or Thule standard racks
  2. Wide Fit Kit - (sold separately) will mount any Autohome tent to 1 1/2" x 1" Crossbars such as most aero or foil-shaped flat factory bars
  3. The FronRunner Kit (sold separately) works on 3" x 1" crossbars and can be modified with alternate hardware to fit racks of different depths

Tent installation is available as a service - please contact us for installation quotes with the tent model, vehicle make and model, and roof rack system information.

Lead time on Autohome products can vary widely by season, import restrictions and delays, and item (model, color, size) - please contact us if you have a short timeline need prior to order as most Autohome items have a minimum 10-day lead time from Autohome, with up to 90 day lead times during high season and factory summer holidays.