Pioneer Tools

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German Pioneer Shovel

German Army issue pioneer shovel. Solid wood handle. The head measures 9"x8" and overall length is 43"


Swiss Pickmattox

This Swiss pick has a solid hardwood handle that just is under 3 lbs that you can carry anywhere. Great for all of your trail digging and all trenching needs. Measures 19.5" long and the head is 11.5" wide.


Swiss Reserve Axe

This genuine issue Swiss Reserve Axe has a compact solid ash handle with a thick head mounting.  The overall length of 23" and sub 5lb weight make for a small ax that is easy to carry. Great for managing all of your trail clearing and camp firewood needs. Axes are shipped dull and sharpening to suit your needs is recommended.


Pioneer Set

The set of all three tools includes one of each - Swiss Reserve Axe, Swiss Pickmattox, and German Shovel