Camel Trophy Tribute - Off-Road LED Lighting Kit

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Camel Trophy Tribute - Off-Road LED Lighting Kit

Professional quality lighting means more and better visual information available to the vehicle operator - safety, efficiency, and speed are all improved dramatically.  Race teams, search & rescue, and industrial operators all know filling the NEED for light can mean the difference between success and failure.  

This complete lighting kit was developed while building the Defenders Northwest Camel Trophy Tribute Defender 110.  We worked with the professional lighting team at Vision X to identify the lighting needs a rally/raid type support vehicle might encounter - and then provide robust and reliable lighting solutions.


This carefully curated kit has:

  • Long distance off-road driving lights for search and safety in higher speed open terrain
  • High lumen forward facing off-road flood lights for road condition analysis and navigation
  • Bright work-lighting on all sides of the vehicle for course-side repairs, shop work, winching, trail work, and camp tasks
  • Low draw LED headlights for improved on-road visibility and reduced power consumption
  • Intense reverse lighting for enhanced rearward lighting both on trails and parking
  • Secondary brake and fog lighting for improved active visibility
  • Interior lighting in both bright general interior lighting and task specific low light night-vision protecting red/blue hues



  • Roof Rack Mounted 6.5" CG2 LED Light Cannon  (x2)
  • Roof Rack Mounted 6.5" CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannon  (x2)
  • Brush Guard Mounted 6" Optimus Dual 60 degree Flood Lights (x2)
  • Winch Work-light (x1)
  • 7" Vortex LED Headlight (x2)
  • LED Replacement Bulbs for Turn signal and Running Lights (x6)
  • LED Replacement Bulbs for Stop Lamps (x2)
  • Interior Map Light (X1)
  • Interior Touch Activated Footwell Lighting (x2)
  • Overhead Cabin Lighting (X2)
  • Rear Cargo Lighting (X1)
  • Rear 4.5" Round Utility Worklamp (X1)
  • Rear 3.4" Utility Flood/ Red Fog Lighting (X1)
  • Rear 3.4" Utility Flood Backup Lighting (x2)
  • Under bonnet Work lighting (x1)
  • Lighting Controller, Roof-rack, and other other vehicle specific mounting solutions are not included in this kit.