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Cinch down your loads simply and effectively. No more worries about bumpy roads and rattling loose loads. 

The Stratchit absorbs the tension. Think of the Stratchit as a stretchable ratchet strap. 

Simply secure the ends and hand tighten the strap. It’s quick and remarkably efficient.

Fastens to and around just about anything

  • Secure: Cases (Pelican, Zargas, Alu-box, etc.) to any roof rack

  • Secure: Boats, bicycles, firewood, chairs, etc

  • Secure: Your fridge to your fridge slide

  • Keep your luggage secure inside the vehicle

  • Scrunch up your sleeping bags extra tight

  • Sold in pairs


  • Hook to the Front Runner Roof Rack Tie Down Ring or loop around the slats and fasten the Stratchit to itself

  • Hook the Stratchit’s carabiner to any edge

  • You can even remove the carabiner and loop the Stratchit through itself - to fasten around any roof rack rail, railing, pole, bumper, tire carrier.... etc


Please read and follow all these warnings carefully -- failure to do so could result in cargo damage and could cause injury.

  • Do not over tighten, use only hand leverage

  • Never stand in the direct path of the Stratchet when tensioning to prevent the risk of injury should the strap become detached

  • Loads settle. Check Stratchit after first 10 miles of driving and each 50 miles thereafter

  • User to evaluate working load and requirements. DO NOT use to support human weight under any circumstance

  • Check the Stratchit regularly for signs of deterioration or damage

  • To ensure longevity, please remove the Stratchits from the sun and weather elements when not in use

  • Ensure that all points of attachment are of sufficient strength to withstand the maximum loading that will be produced during use

  • Take additional care if securing large objects that may be subject to aerodynamic lifting forces causes by bumps 

  • Always use the appropriate number of straps and drive at reduced speeds to minimize the effects of these forces

Sold in PAIRS

  • Stratchit Adjustable from 22" (560mm) to 60" (1524mm)

  • Each Stratchit strap rated at 300 lbs (136kg)

  • Shortie Stratchit Adjustable from 18.5" (470mm) to 40" (1017mm)

  • Each Shortie Stratchit strap rated at 220 lbs (100kg)