Vision X - Chaser Rear LED Light Bar

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Low Profile Rear LED Chaser Bar System

The Vision X Chaser Bar provides high output color LED’s in a sleek, low profile housing with a bright flood beam pattern. This rear mounted light bar can be configured as your running and brake lights using standard Red, Amber and White LED’s. The Chaser Bar comes in two sizes to accommodate stock (28″) and aftermarket(35″) roll cages and is available with or without the adjustable Flasher Unit.

Dual Mounting Options

With dual mounting options of both end-cap mounting and patented mounting feet, the Chaser Bar is the ultimate solution for your ATV, UTV and SXS.

Prime Drive Technology

Prime Drive Technology from Vision X Lighting controls vital functions such as temperature control and dimming on your LED Light Bar. This advanced technology can increase or decrease the intervals at which the LEDs turn on and off in order to lower the bars overall temperature and maximize the lifespan.



Type : 3-watt

  • Running & Brake Lights in Single Bar
  • High Output Color LED's
  • Adjustable Flasher Frequency


    XIL-CBSR21 9897196 27.33″ 21 5,688lm
    XIL-CBSR27 9897202 34.89″ 27 7,056lm