Owner Managed Restoration and Maintenance Training Services

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Owner Managed Restoration and Maintenance Training Program Services

OMRTP Training Services, and Storage Rates

Daily Shop Reservation is billed Per Vehicle for Teaching and Training, single-space project and installation work during business hours (9am-5pm) - additional hours are billed at overtime rate when applicable.  Specify Date and AM or PM time slot for Shop Reservation - Includes 30Min of Orientation/Service/Training Support Time.  Rates are for reserved active project training days - please contact us about schedule openings

Daily Storage Rate Per vehicle for reserved non-working project indoor storage days - please contact us to see about schedule openings

Overnight Storage Rate Per vehicle for non-reserved one-day OMRTP projects which are not completed in the single reserved day  - storage is for overnight and includes additional shop day or non-OMRTP shop hours to complete project.


Hourly Rate for Teaching and Training Project Assistance

DO IT WITH US - OMRTP Project Training - Rates are for hourly training and assistance during reserved active project training days - please contact us to discuss your project goals and schedule openings.  Active OMRTP time is billed in 1-hour blocks ($100 Hourly Rate)

DO IT FOR ME - Please see DNW Project Services for our full service shop - including Restorations, Maintenance & Repair, Specialty & Contracted Services, Vehicle Acquisition & Importation, and Evaluation Services - billed in 30 minute blocks ($100 per block)

Services available include but are not limited to:

  • Accessory and upgrade installation assistance
  • Mechanical assistance - Diagnosis, Repair, Maintenance, Upgrades
  • Electrical Fault Finding assistance, Repair, Maintenance, Installations
  • Paint and body repair and restoration assistance
  • Use specific project solutions, design, and custom parts fabrication assistance
  • Major Restoration Services assistance - Chassis replacement, Chassis repair, Bulkhead Replacement, Refurbishment
  • Body/cabin configuration conversions assistance
  • Engine conversions assistance - repair - replacement
  • Vehicle Consignment selling services

ALL Project/Labor rates are NOT inclusive of Materials, Supplies, Storage, Disposal fees, and Consumables - these are billed as required on projects